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Wood – the stuff dreams are made of!!

It may come as a surprise, but t-shirts made from wood fibre are probably the most comfortable that you will ever wear. Rough and rustic in its natural state, wood takes on an amazingly smooth and soft finish when transformed into a textile, boasting remarkable durability and breathability. Most important of all, it is an ethically sourced, highly sustainable material that helps to reduce our environmental footprint, making it unquestionably our fabric of choice.

In crafting WoodShirt, we set out with the concepts of sustainability and style planted firmly in the forefront of our minds. We wanted to create your new favourite tee, not just through awesome personalized design, but also in knowing that what you’re wearing is making a positive contribution to the environment. We took care to ensure that there is minimal ecological impact in the end-to-end process of making our WoodShirt, from cultivation of the raw material right through to extraction and manufacture of the finished product. 

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Another thing about wood

Sustainable materials
Fair production
Super soft fabric
Antibacterial properties
Regulates temperatures
Extremely durable

Compared to synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon (products of petrochemicals and therefore non-biodegradable) and even natural fibres like cotton (which, unless organic, relies heavily on the use of harmful pesticides during production), wood fibre is a much more environmentally friendly material in that it is sourced from sustainable tree farms, and does not require the use of harsh chemicals to transform it into a workable fabric.

Another wonderful characteristic of wood fibre is its adaptability to different seasons. Due to its high absorbency the WoodShirt will keep you dry and cool in summer by drawing moisture away from your skin allowing for faster evaporation and prolonged comfort. During cooler weather patches the WoodShirt’s excellent thermal insulation traps heat between its fibrous structure to keep you snug and warm while still maintaining its breathability.

The fabric is also ideal for those who are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin due to its antibacterial properties and the absence of harsh chemicals in production. It provides great odour control by inhibiting bacterial growth, unlike cotton, polyester and other conventional materials. This means that your WoodShirt has a naturally inbuilt deodorising effect making it longer lasting between washes (which is great news for those of us who hate doing laundry).

Out of the woods...and into your shirt

We support the empowerment of workers through fair prices and decent work practices. That is why our WoodShirt is proudly made in the EU under fair and safe working conditions, free of forced labour.

How WoodShirt is made

Firstly, wood harvested from sustainable cultivations is shredded up and immersed in a water bath until the cellulose is softened into a wet pulp. This pulp is then soaked in a solvent (totally non-toxic and non-hazardous) until the cellulose fully dissolves.

Let there be...WoodShirt!

Next, the cellulose solution is squeezed though a fine sieve which forms the cellulose into long strands of fibre. The tangled fibre is then dried in a heat vacuum and passed through a combing machine to separate the strands, ready to be spun into yarn and woven into the magic fabric that is the basis of WoodShirt. All printed artwork is original and designed by our team of kickass graphic designers. Now all you have to do is pick your personal favourite!

Customize your own WoodShirt

As we love individual t-shirts and prints, we only use water based ink for your customized WoodShirt which is certified Ökotex 100.

1 Choose your fit & size
2 Choose your color
3 If you also want to have a print on your tee, then choose your art work now.
Here is already a small selection of shirt examples. As soon as the campaign is successfully funded you can expect a great variety of designs.


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