A trip to where our WoodShirts are made

A trip to where our WoodShirts are made

You can hardly call this a travel report because after all, it was only a super short trip. A short trip with a clear task: to give you an insight into how our t-shirts made from wood are produced. I flew together with Christian, who was so nice to accompany me with the camera, to Portugal – to be more precise, to Porto. Christian loves the idea of wijld and our WoodShirts so much that he has even overcome his fear of flying and has entered an airplane for the first time again after so many years! RESPECT & THANK YOU!!

producing sustainable fashion in europe

As we arrived in the evening we had some time to enjoy the city and at this point I must say that a trip to Porto is definitely worth it. The city is awesome, the food is amazing and the people are really very friendly.

A sustainable fashion made from wood

And off we go the next day! It was challenging to document the various steps of the production in just one day and to give an insight into how our WoodShirts are made. For this we have met all our partners, who make sure that this unique raw material transforms into our t-shirts. First, yarn is spun from the wooden wool, which is then turned into fabric by imposing weaving machines. The fabric panels are then washed again and elaborately processed. After this, the fabric goes through some more production steps in a variety of small manufactories where the wood fabric is processed further by handcraft.

T-Shirts made of wood - sustainable fashion made in Portugal

First it is cut. For this purpose, the templates are printed and are then optimally assembled so that the offcuts are kept small. These templates are glued onto about 60 layers of fabric, which are then cut by hand. This process needs a lot of experience. The two sisters who cut our fabric have been doing this for twenty years and make it just look so easy. They glide with the electric scissors through the fabric as if it were butter and this with an impressive precision. Then we were also invited there for some port wine, which tasted excellent and because of so much hospitality we would have stayed a little longer. However, we had to move on.

WoodShirt - fair & sustainable fashion

We went to the printing shop. For us it is important to avoid annoying and unnecessary labels at our t-shirts made from wood. Therefore each WoodShirt has a so-called "size print" with all important information such as the washing instructions in the neck. This is done with silkscreen printing. However, the t-shirt is not printed as a whole but only the fabric in the neck, before it is then eventually sewed. Lasers help with the positioning so that each print is exactly in the middle. After the fabric went through the dry channel and after we became familiar with the most diverse possibilities that the screen printing offers in the meantime, it was time to set off again with the now printed fabric. This time to the production, the place where the t-shirt eventually sees the light of the world for the first time as one piece ;)

wijld Sizeprint - fair & sustainable fashion

Fair made t-shirts produced with great attention and love for detail

The sewing takes place at such an impressive pace that it is hard for Christian to keep up with his camera. Cause, as soon as the camera is eventually focused it’s already over again. For me it is not just fascinating to see how fast everyone works but especially to see how everyone works. It’s just great that so much energy and attention for detail flows into our WoodShirts and that so many people work here in a fair way and earn money.

Unfortunately we couldn’t watch the last step in the manufacturing chain as at that point the t-shirts weren’t ready yet for this. A week later then the first WoodShirt could be finally ironed, folded and safely packaged as protection against dust and other impurities before they were sent to Germany.

WoodShirts von wijld - umweltfreundlich & fair

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