"There, water costs as much as clothing"

"There, water costs as much as clothing"

No, it is not about a region far far away where the drinking water was polluted by the industries and the prices of water are soaring ... "There is water shortage in the West, so people wear their clothes only a few times and throw them away afterwards! ". So washing is simply too expensive in western countries ... This is what Indian workers assume is the reason for the tons of used clothes they sort every day.

This surely may be a plausible explanation for the piles of used textiles that are on the way to India every day. The reality, however, is completely different. Just a disputable and twisted consumption behavior is to blame for this. Clothes are simply too cheap. Today clothes are consumed much more than in the past and moreover, the quality drops with the price. The ones who suffer is the environment and human. The pesticide-polluted drinking water and the degrading sweatshop conditions are only two aspects that make the massive consumption of clothing a questionable luxury.

The short documentation mirrors us and motivates to choose clothes with care and to wear them as long as possible. In short, buy quality rather than quantity.
We support this idea 110%!! After all, this was exactly one of our motives for us to develop t-shirts made from wood. This is an alternative raw material that does not require any pesticides or fertilizers and needs 20x less water. We wanted to show that clothes can also be made environmentally friendly, fair and within the EU. And as you can see ... it has worked out ;)


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