WoodShirt got funded & we say THANK YOU!!

WoodShirt got funded & we say THANK YOU!!

What had started around one and a half years ago now moves to the next level! With your help we are able to finally start the production of our WoodShirts. We are extremely happy about this! It simply feels great when you put so much love and effort into a project that you then receive so much positive feedback. For us the project was more than just a great t-shirt which wears well. We wanted to show that it is possible to produce eco-friendly and fair fashion locally and offering it at affordable prices at the same time. While having examined the production process of “normal” t-Shirts, we were very excited when we found wood as an awesome alternative to cotton or polyester. Wood is a resource that does not only grow in our region, so there are no more long transport distances but as a fabric it also has unique properties. We are even more excited, that you love this idea just as much as we do!!

Now we start to produce the fabric before your WoodShirts are being knitted and get their print. The production of the fabric will take approximately one and a half months. So the delivery date of your customize WoodShirt will be around the End of November. In the meanwhile you can customize your personal WoodShirt on our website and we will of course keep you updated during the whole process.

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