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The wijld trinity

Our team consists of completely different personalities- still we do share the same love for art and design and have the common goal to offer you cool products as environmentally-friendly as possible! We’re glad to present you the wijld trinity - the 3 founder of wijld:


wijld team - angelo ciceroANGELO Text by Aline

"What a nutter!“ is probably something that I often say about Angelo. Of course it’s meant in a nice way and with a big smile in my face. Our Creative Art Director takes care about anything that has to do with art, design, artists and creative work. Other talents of him are definitely coming up with various bets and tricky „What would you rather do“-questions – preferably during team meetings so that they take at least one hour longer.
However, our adorable creative brain is also always ready to help and contrary to the stereotype of artists, he’s in fact always on time… probably he's also the most punctual one of us three. And although his name just sounds like the next Italian love song superstar like Ramazotti, he decided to start another artistic career as Angelo offers his own brilliant pieces of art as freelance artist.


wijld team -timo beelowTIMO  Text by Aline

Timo is probably the Daddy of our wijld enterprise and as it’s often also the same way at home (girls, you know we should let the men keep believing that :-) ), he’s the engine and strategist of the wijld-family – well, stereotype confirmed!!
Besides his love for creating new projects and work for all, he can now also let out his artistic side as photographer: you can definitely see his love for photography in every single close-up of our items.
His perfectionism actually as well…
Timo is a true Wuppertal guy and will remain loyal to his home forever, but luckily he likes to travel to faraway countries and always brings beautiful photographs of the particular country and its people with him that he shares then with us in form of art prints. By the way: meanwhile he has a hipster beard. But as I’ve just called it „hipster“, it’s very likely that he will now get rid of it quite soon.


wijld team -aline hauckALINE  Text by Timo

When a cheerful soul and a bundle of energy would fuse, then it’s very likely that something like Aline would be the outcome. Aline who is in 99,9% always in a good mood, is really a sun substitute during rainy days!
When she’s not too busy with „shining“ she makes sure everything runs smoothly at wijld, whereas to her it’s particularly important that customers, partner and friends get the best possible support one can imagine!
It seems as if Aline has brought her almost endless energy with her from the many different places on earth where she used to lived. South Africa, Australia or Cyprus are only a couple of places where she lived and it’s great to have her now on board for the journey with wijld.