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We don’t only deal with it, we grow it now!

wijld - we plant trees


Whoever wants to reap, must also sow! That is why we use for our WoodShirts of course only wood from certified sustainable cultivation. So for each tree that is processed for WoodShirts, a new one is planted again. However, now we would like to go one better!!



From now on we additionally plant a tree for every order on! To do so we work with a partner on a large afforestation project. The organization we work with is planting our and your "donated" trees on a 14,000-ha land in Mexico. But why Mexico? Europe’s forests are growing continually but in other countries outside the EU unfortunately rather poor conditions prevail. Exactly these countries are the ones we would like to support and so we decided us for Mexico. The natural conditions there are among other things perfect for a rapid growth of the plants, which leads to a higher CO2 capture and storage.

 you buy sustainable fashion, we plant trees



In order to make optimum use of the planted trees and the CO2 they capture, they are felled after about 15 years. What may not seem to make sense in the first moment makes even more sense when you know the background.

If the trees would not be processed any further, many of them would die and decay due to light deficiency or fungal attack and would then release the captured carbon into the air again. The trees that have been cut down thus form a long-term CO2 storage and are also a perfect substitute for environmentally-unfriendly materials such as cement in the building industry or eventually to produce eco-friendly t-shirts. Naturally, the use is exclusively selective and in harmony with nature to protect animals and their habitat.



We want to live with nature and support it in every way, and as we use wood from sustainable forestry to produce our WoodShirts, we feel that it is our duty to draw attention to this and to support afforestation. Since the beginning of 2014 the planting project started, our partner organization already planted 14,208,749,006 trees which is just incredible - and the number is growing steadily. We also want to intensify our efforts to strengthen the afforestation project. And all this together with you and your help!

 sustainable fashion supports afforestation project



If you now order fair clothes on you will make a positive contribution to protecting the environment by purchasing a sustainable & fair product. And it is not only that trees are planted and that nature receives help but also jobs for the people living there are created by this project. For both, the preparation of the land for the planting, as well as the breeding and the care of the trees is taken over by local people. In any case, we are looking forward to it and want to support the project in the future even more!