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wijld stands for stylish, fair and environmentally friendly clothing made of wood. But before we describe why we create fair fashion from wood, we first introduce ourselves. We, Aline and Timo, want to show that it is possible to produce clothing that is fair and ecologically sustainable within the EU, but at the same time stylish and affordable! To prove it, we have developed the WoodShirts, our wooden T-shirts. Even though "wooden T-shirts" may sound strange and scratchy at first, it is in fact a very cool and super soft fabric with unique properties.





The story began when Timo visited the toy fair in Nürnberg a few years ago and was literally swallowed up by a colourful plastic world. According to a salesmen, toys must be colourful and cheap, as the kids usually only play with them for a short time and therefore the toys are quickly thrown away anyway.

A little perplexed by the comments of how toy producers think about modern children's toy, Timo had some thoughts about the short life of products. Because a world full of disposable products did not really fit his values. The goal had to be an economical and above all conscious use of resources. In his search for sustainable materials, he stumbled across the fact that it was possible to gain fibres for textiles from wood and was thrilled - wijld was virtually born.

Together with Aline and Angelo, who left the start-up early on to devote more time to his own newly born "start-up" (offspring), the founding team was perfect for wijld. For the three it became a matter of the heart to develop sustainable clothing together, in which one can fall in love. After about two years of development and successful kickstarter campaign they were there, the first WoodShirts!



Individuality is very important to us and therefore you can put together your personal WoodShirt individually with our Artist Collection. Combine different cuts, sizes and colours with your desired print and we will make your personal WoodShirt to order and especially for you. The designs come from a variety of creative minds, artists, designers and photographers. And together with them we offer you unusual and original artworks that are not available everywhere.



We love nature and therefore ensure that our WoodShirts are produced in a very environmentally friendly way. The wood we use comes exclusively from certified sustainable forestry - so more is always planted than harvested, ensuring that our forests continue to grow. Wood fibers are also much more resource efficient than conventional cotton. For example, only one WoodShirt saves 1000 litres of water, 150 ml of chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers and around 600 g of CO2 just by shortening the transport routes.

Just as important to us as the ecological aspects are fair production, i.e. every employee is paid reasonably for his work and there are good working conditions in the production plant. That is why we manufacture our clothes in the EU, more precisely in Portugal.

Apart from the social and ecological sustainability aspects, WoodShirts offer an extraordinary wearing comfort because they have characteristics such as functional shirts. The fabric can absorb moisture optimally and quickly release it again, which leads to a temperature-balancing and antibacterial effect. This supports the body's own cooling effect and the T-shirt stays fresh much longer, even on hot days, due to its antibacterial properties.



You have questions, comments, wishes or ideas? Talk to us or write to us - we look forward to hearing from you!