How to make clothes from wood

If you're wondering how to create a t-shirt made of wood, you've come to the right place. Initially, many people struggle to envision the possibility of making clothing from wood. And if they do, they often picture it as difficult or uncomfortable due to potential scratchiness.

Now, we aim to unravel this mystery and take you behind the scenes on a journey. We will demonstrate how and where this eco-friendly fabric, known for its remarkable softness and unique comfort, is crafted.

If we examine the clothing industry in recent years, we can observe that two primary raw materials serve as the foundation for today's textile production: polyester and cotton.

Synthetic fibers derived from petroleum-based materials constitute over 60% of all fibers utilized in global clothing production. Cotton fibers make up approximately 25% of the total, with organic cotton representing only about 1% of that figure. The remaining 15% comprises fibers derived from wool, cellulose-based sources, and other natural fibers like hemp and linen.


In the initial stage, wood is transformed into small chips and combined with an organic solvent to extract the cellulose. This solvent possesses excellent water mixing capabilities, allowing for its repeated recycling. Following this initial step, a honey-like substance is obtained, which is then passed through spinnerets to produce fine fibers. These fibers are subsequently dried and further processed into yarn, which will be used to knit the fabric for your t-shirt.

One notable aspect of this production stage is the closed-loop system employed, which contributes to a reduction in resource consumption and emissions. We appreciate this environmentally conscious approach that minimizes waste and promotes sustainability throughout the entire process.

We create an alternative to fast fashion by ecological clothing made of woodWe create an alternative to fast fashion by ecological clothing made of wood


For the production of our garments, we have chosen Portugal as the location. This decision is based not only on Portugal's rich textile history and its reputation for producing high-quality goods but also on the fair and equitable working conditions that prevail there. While Portugal may not be geographically close, it serves as the ideal partner within the EU for our young company, meeting all our requirements. By manufacturing our sustainable clothing in Portugal, we ensure that it is created by skilled specialists who are fairly compensated and have job security.

Furthermore, opting for production in Portugal reduces transportation distances compared to manufacturing in the Far East, thereby benefiting the environment. In the northern region of Porto, impressive knitting machines bring our wood fabric to life from the yarn. This fabric possesses a unique structure that not only enhances its durability and resilience compared to cotton but also offers additional wearing benefits, such as antibacterial properties and temperature regulation.

Sustainable fashion for men & women - Ecological fashion from woodSustainable fashion for men & women - Ecological fashion from wood


Once the fabric is prepared, it proceeds through several small workshops where it undergoes meticulous handwork and attention to detail. The next step in the production chain is cutting the fabric, which requires templates created according to our precise cutting specifications. These templates are printed and carefully positioned on the fabric to minimize waste. In a small family-run workshop, the templates are meticulously glued onto approximately 60 layers of fabric, which are then expertly cut by hand. This process demands a tremendous amount of skill and experience, and it's truly remarkable to witness two sisters effortlessly carry out this task. Their expertise in the field is evident, and their enthusiasm for their work is evident even after many years. Moreover, their hospitality knows no bounds. Whenever we visit, we are graciously treated to exceptional port wine, which poses a delightful risk of prolonging our stay far longer than intended.

Sustainable T-shirts made of wood - without itchy labelsSustainable T-shirts made of wood - without itchy labels


For us, it is not only fascinating to witness the speed and precision with which the work is carried out, but it is also heartwarming to observe the process itself. Every single step is infused with tremendous energy and an unwavering attention to detail, as our WoodShirts come to life. It is truly remarkable to see how many individuals collaborate in a fair and equitable manner, earning their livelihood through this endeavor. The passion and dedication they bring to their craft are truly inspiring, and it fills us with great joy to know that our products are made with such care and commitment.


For us, it is not only captivating to witness the efficiency and precision with which the work is carried out, but it is also truly delightful to observe the process itself. Each step is infused with boundless energy and a meticulous attention to detail as we craft our woodsy clothing.

Now, we eagerly await your opinion on the end result. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us! What do you think of our WoodShirts? Are you satisfied or even enthusiastic? Have we succeeded in providing you with a genuine, environmentally friendly, and ethically conscious alternative that you genuinely enjoy wearing or gifting? Our ultimate goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, and we genuinely appreciate any recommendations you may have for your friends and family. Your support means the world to us! ;-)