vegane t-shirts by wijld are sustainable & fair plus PETA approved


Our WoodShirts, Tank Tops, Longsleeves, Sweaters, or Zip-Hoodies are not only made of wood and extremely environmentally friendly, they are also vegan! So if you not only want to make your food vegan, but also want to avoid animal raw materials in your clothes, then our vegan clothes are just the thing for you.



Vegan clothing completely refrains from using animal products. Thus vegan garments consist either of vegetable or chemically manufactured materials. However, we are of the opinion that if you want to do something good for the environment and animals, you should primarily choose herbal alternatives! Why? Quite simply! Synthetic fibres such as polyester or acrylic are ultimately plastics that are produced on the basis of petroleum and are not biodegradable. In other words, new plastics are always created. It has also been proven that plastics enter the food cycle, trigger diseases in animals and humans and can make them infertile.

With the WoodShirts, Tank Tops, Longsleeves and Sweaters from wijld, we offer you an alternative that is both fair and environmentally friendly and that is 100% free from animal raw materials. We have made sure that the entire production chain, from the yarn to the fabric to the finished T-shirt, is vegan.

 100% vegan T-Shirts for women, sustainable fashion, fair produced & PETA approved



It is important to us to make the production of our vegan clothing as environmentally and animal friendly as possible. This is also the reason why we use wood as an alternative raw material to cotton or polyester. This is not only very environmentally friendly, because this raw material also grows in our latitudes and thus the transport distances are enormously reduced, also the water consumption is strongly lowered and harmful chemicals in the form of fertilizers or pesticides do not have to be used. The result is a unique substance that is silky soft and wears like a second skin. You can read more about sustainable manufacturing here: Fair & environmentally friendly T-shirts made of wood


Together with a partner organisation we also support one of the largest reforestation projects of mankind. For every order on we plant a tree in Mexico so that habitats for animals are preserved and protected at the same time. Read more here: wijld plants trees



Not all that glitters is always gold. Usually you have to look closely to see whether clothes with the inscription "bio" or "eco" even keep what they promise. With our sustainable wooden T-shirts you can be sure that they are completely vegan. We are also PETA certified!

We love animals and nature. And this is exactly the reason why we pay attention to making every process environmentally-friendly, fair and vegan – not only today with our vegan t-shirts but also for future product developments.