With each order on wijld.com we protect a piece of forest. For this purpose, we bought our own piece of forest in "Sauerland" Germany in 2022 and want to re-establish an ecologically valuable habitat on a piece of forest that has been damaged by climate change.


Climate change has us firmly in its grip and is ensuring that our native forests are getting worse and worse. That's why we want to help and have launched a project to support Germany's forests.

In 2021, we put out our feelers and antennas and looked for a damaged piece of forest that we could take care of. And lo and behold! After a long search, many conversations and calls, we found it: Our future wijld forest. Over 81,000 m² in size, the still rather sparse forest area in the Sauerland near Marsberg is just waiting to be planted and renaturalized!


And that's where you come in, because this project of the heart can only be achieved together and with every order on wijld.com you help to protect a piece of forest. For each order we are talking about exactly 0.6 m² of forest area, which we will reforest and maintain in order to create a healthy forest one day. This task will not be easy and is a real challenge. In fact, creating a healthy ecosystem requires a lot of planning, time and patience. With an area of 8.1 hectares, we currently expect to plant about 10,500 trees. However, depending on how many large and small tree species we need for a well-established mixed forest, the number may vary a little. Also, before each planting, of course, we have to carefully consider which main and secondary trees are suitable for the site and will have the most benefit for nature and the environment in the long run.

But just the idea that our forest (once it has grown big and strong) can bind up to 81 tons of CO² annually makes us beam and go to planting full of motivation!

Protect forests with clothing made of woodProtect forests with clothing made of wood


It is especially important to us that everyone can actively help and experience the progress of our reforestation and renaturation. Therefore, we would like to enable anyone who is interested, as well as school classes or forestry students, to accompany Waldemar already in the creation process and to help shape our project.

However, our forest in the Sauerland is only the first of many other forests that we want to protect. Because our long-term goal is to save as many forest areas affected by the climate crisis and destroyed by environmental damage as possible. That's where our idea came from, through forest sponsorships and together with you, to bring a little speed into our work and not only protect the first 8.1 hectares of forest area for the future, but to acquire and renaturalize more areas as quickly as possible. After all, together we can always achieve more.


Did you know that the term "sustainability" originated in forestry? Due to an increasing national timber shortage, actual forestry emerged in the early 18th century and replaced the uncontrolled exploitation of forests that had prevailed until then. The basic idea of sustainable forestry can be summarized as follows: only as much wood should be used as can grow back naturally. Sustainable forestry also ensures that newly planted trees are not monocultures, which on the one hand are more susceptible to pests and on the other hand damage soils and deprive animals of their habitat.

But how can you plant trees on the one hand and on the other hand use wood for e.g. clothing? What may not seem to fit together at first glance makes all the more sense once you know the background:

Processing trees is right and important. At its best, a tree produces oxygen, provides habitat and binds CO². In the case of trees from sustainable forestry, the main aim is to make optimum use of the CO² bound in them, which is why they are felled again (only after many years). If this did not happen, many of them would die, among other things due to lack of light or fungal attack, rot and release the bound carbon back into the air. The felled trees therefore form a long-term CO² reservoir and are at the same time perfectly suited to be used as an environmentally friendly material in a wide variety of areas.